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About Legends and Shadows

  The project "About Legends and Shadows" was prepared in 2012 to compete for the announcement of the FAC - Support Fund for Culture of Brasília / DF with the objective of performing research and setting up a show using the language of shadow theater with references in the traditional and contemporary form of this art. The project contemplated in the year 2013 allowed the research of the concepts, the aesthetics and the cinematographic dynamics for the production and the staging of the show "Iara - The enchantment of the waters".The dramaturgy was constructed from legend and fantastic myths that narrate the origin of the world and mystical about the nature created by the native towns of Brazil.The show seeks to sensitize the public through the theater of shadows and references of the national literature, presenting through its narrative some of the oral traditions of the peoples of Brazil, their values and customs.


"Theater is a joke that does not lie, it desires the reckless act of art. 

eyes wide open, waiting for someone to drag into the unknown. There in the dark,

alone, is that it presents the secrets and mysteries of this invented life. For any one is

allowed to enter where prohibited, as long as it is patient. Who reaches the bottom chooses

what it wants to be: fierce monster enchanting the waters, hero inhabiting other worlds or who

Do you know the ghost of yourself? Here we are discovering with theater how to invent.

Whenever we meet, there will be one more time. "



Alexandre Fávero 

Clipping project About Legends and Shadows / 2013


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