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"Passarinhos" is formed by artists who are members of groups such as A Barca (SP), Ponto br (SP),. And Cia Lumiato (DF). musical that focuses on Brazilian popular traditions. The show is the result of a long coexistence of these artists with several popular genres, their players and guardians. Manifestations of several Brazilian states, such as Coco, Baião de Princesas, Mine Drum, Reisado, Tambor da Mata and Folia de Reis make up the presentation, which has as a driver the birds that inhabit the imaginary of these traditions, and are revealed through various scenic elements like theater of shadows, dolls, popular cars, besides the dance and the music that give ground to the project.


Technical specifications: Cast: Maria Gomide, Francisco Gomide, João Gomide, Renata Amaral, André Magalhães, Thomas Rohrer, Beto Lemos, Thiago Bresani and Soledad Garcia

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